Feel very comfortable with Dr. B.
Marilynn P.
Submitted 02/04/20

Receptionist is great just went to drop new patient paperwork and she got me in right then .dr borland is thorough plrased with the experience
Rob G.
Submitted 01/21/20

Knowledgeable, and friendly. Convenient location and hours. Everything i need from a medical professional.
Leon Y.
Submitted 01/15/20

George N.
Submitted 01/13/20

I was satisfied with his service. I give him 5 stars
Nancy L.
Submitted 12/19/19

Appointment was on time, Doctor was very personable and professional at the same time. Will definitely return for treatment.
Submitted 12/05/19

Thanks to Dr. Borland and his staff for making all of my visits a pleasant experience.
Tom K.
Submitted 12/04/19

Dr. Borland has been pleasant and efficient when taking care of my feet. When I complained that an intern did not treat my ingrown toenail correctly since it still hurt, he didn’t hesitate to see me again and fix the toe correctly.
Lorraine S.
Submitted 11/19/19

Dr. Borland fixed my foot right up. It feels great, now.
Valerie E.
Submitted 11/19/19

Well pleased whenever i go to dr borland
Barbara F.
Submitted 10/17/19

After getting to know Dr. Borland, I find that he is very competent, efficient and has a great sense of humor. I hope that he enjoys his patients and stays in Ambridge.
Suzanne S M.
Submitted 10/05/19

I greatly appreciated the amount of time Dr. Borland spent with me. I liked his conservative approach to my treatment, suggesting some “home remedies” first. He was very honest about over the counter products and their efficacy. It was a lovely appointment!
Sue S.
Submitted 10/05/19

This was my first visit to Dr Borland. I was impressed with his knowledge, thoroughness and friendliness. I will be returning! AND I enjoyed seeing Rhonda, a familiar face!
Cynthia H.
Submitted 10/02/19

Always a pleasure to see Doc and staff….very nice!!! Wait time is not long at all and he takes good care of us! Thanks! Bill and Laurie
Laurie Y.
Submitted 10/02/19

Very honest and trustworthy and a very good podiatrist.
Gerald R.
Submitted 09/21/19

Very efficient and understanding
Shirley F.
Submitted 09/18/19

I felt listened to and well taken care of.
Rachel R.
Submitted 09/05/19

Dr Borland is a very caring and competent doctor. I have been his patient for about a year, and I am very happy with his level of care.
Beverly S.
Submitted 08/31/19

Dr. Borland is always very friendly. He goes beyond offering opinion when he noticed a rash on my legs and alerted me to call mu PCP.
Kathleen G.
Submitted 08/12/19

Dr. Borland seemed very knowledgable and took care of my problem in one visit
Richard K.
Submitted 08/11/19

Great experience!!
Ami K.
Submitted 08/10/19

Staff was friendly. Dr. Borland was very easy to talk to and made you feel at ease. Would recommend.
Jamie M.
Submitted 08/05/19

I am happy with Dr. Borland. He is a wonderful addition to the practice.
Betty B.
Submitted 07/20/19

Very professional service. Responded well to specific areas of needed foot care!
Dorothy P.
Submitted 07/16/19

Very good job well done
John D.
Submitted 07/15/19

Dr. Borland was very professional and educated and tried to educate me, the patient. He gave me hope for healing. He was very pleasant to talk to and possitive
Marie K.
Submitted 06/06/19

I was very hesitant about going for my appointment. Thank you for putting me at ease the entire time. I thought that I would need to have the nail(s) removed, but I did not. You were very professional in your treatment, and I will not be nervous the next time I need to have any procedure done. Thank you again.
Barbara F.
Submitted 05/17/19

Very good. Left painless
Barbara K.
Submitted 04/10/19

Office is very professional and friendly
Lisa P.
Submitted 04/09/19

Suzanne M.
Submitted 04/07/19

Visiting resident was nice and efficient. The appointment lasted only about 20 minutes. Dr. Borland came in to recheck the issues. I was very well satisfied.
Marian S.
Submitted 04/01/19

Yesterday’s appointment with Dr. Borland was so positive, refreshing, and informative, I left with renewed hope! He went to great lengths explaining my situation and presenting a workable remedy.
Robert J.
Submitted 03/19/19

Excellent Dr.B has all of the qualities that make a great Dr.
Fran C.
Submitted 02/18/19

Dr. Borland was a very professional and informative. His staff was also very kind and made me feel welcome.
Derinda R.
Submitted 02/18/19

Dr. Borland is willing to take the time and answer all concerns or questions. He is an excellent podiatrist.
Laurie Y.
Submitted 02/17/19

I am totally satisfied with my care. The only thing I would like to see is more time spent on the trimming and buffing of my nails.
Janet M.
Submitted 01/21/19

Dr. Borland is a very friendly doctor and did a wonderful job on my nails.
Margaret K.
Submitted 01/16/19

Overall very good
Raymond F.
Submitted 12/17/18

William B.
Submitted 12/04/18

The Dr. did a fantastic job!!!
Marcie V.
Submitted 11/20/18

U was especially pleased with the speed and efficiency of my visit. I was in and out of the office in 20 minutes.
Marian S.
Submitted 11/17/18

Good. Everything went well.
Daniel C.
Submitted 11/14/18

I was very pleased with my visit with Dr. Borland. He was thorough in his exam and treatment. I intend to stay on as his patient because he is competent and caring.
Beverly S.
Submitted 11/13/18